Sunday Sunday

Another week down, and along with the time, we’re all slowly, ever slowly, beginning to fall into some sort of rhythm. We really enjoy it here and we’re thankful to have you all supporting us through it all. We’ve met some wondrous souls along our paths, and many of you, as you know, have come into our lives while Kerrie and I were away from each other. For your friendship and company, there are truly no words worthy enough of an accurate degree of my thanks.

On another note, we had Back-to-School night last Thursday, and it went very well. After an initial convocation in this sort of quasi-assembly hall, we all split up and went to our respective rooms to discuss who we were to parents and give them a run-down of what we’re going to cover during the year. All of the other team members give their spiel (they were, after all, the veterans), and then I get up in front of the class and start tearing up.

Yeah, tearing up. WTF?

I basically started telling everyone that all the speakers before me are people I have lunch and I never hear them give their “teacher info.” I just realized how really fortunate I was to be around such great minds at such a giving organization. I recalled and related my high school education. My grandmother spent a lot of money ensuring I had good opportunities in the future. I went to a really expensive school. A good school, but very pricy.

It was a strange feeling, honestly. It was an interesting moment. I was just sort of being thankful for where I was, and I’m sure it came across as awkward for some of my colleagues, especially those thinking that it’s just talking with parents. I get it. But for me it was more of a moment of reflection – sort of a full circle. To see that I had come back around and now I was sitting in front of the classroom teaching the students and chatting with their parents. It was just another moment in life to be thankful for, and that’s where I was.

The writing’s coming along. With the tumultuous shift in our lives, it’s sort of changed momentum, but it never stops. It’s just about regaining that pace, that steam, and continuing to move forward. I submitted a few more pieces for consideration yesterday. Will be several months before I hear back, but that’s where we are.

Other than that, life is grand. We’ve been hearing some strange bumps in the night and with Hallow’s Eve just around the corner, the timing is perfect.

Where are you? Drop a line, because we need to catch up.


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