Pissed I missed Comic Con

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Pissed that I missed Comic Con this year. Actually, I’m pissed that I’ve never been, so in that regard, I’m pissed that I’ve missed Comic Con ever since I’ve known what Comic Con was. My friend, Kyle got to go, and he lives in Korea. How does that work?
I doubt there’s anyone reading this who doesn’t know what Comic Con is, but there just may be one or two of you out there, so here’s the quick and dirty, possibly written in incomplete sentences.

Comic Con(vention)

Held annually in San Diego usually around June/July. The largest fantasy/sci-fi, geek, nerd, anime, comics, cartoon, pop-culture, amazing convention in the nation (possibly the world, but I’m not about to make that claim just yet. I’m a fan, not an expert…In fact Tokyo’s Komiket, which I have been to, oddly enough, may be of similar size, but I just don’t think so). Full of people letting their inner fangirl/boy experience an indulgent geek-filled hedonistic bliss for a full 3-days.

Big names in all of these sub-genres (above) come and give talks, there are shows, rare comic-themed automobiles are displayed, hot chicks dressing up in Cosplay outfits…it’s almost like having too many toppings in your Blizzard, you know, but then you taste it and figure for what you’re paying for, fuck it. Your body can handle it.

Batman’s usually there. Gotham’s fine for those three days. Superman flies in. Spider-man’s just not allowed. Why? Because …Because Spider-man is ….. because he just sucks! Think about it, if you received kick-ass powers after a being bitten by a spider, would you really want your suit to look like that? Venom or Spawn – great outfits. Spider-man – just piss-poor. I need to stop writing this paragraph.

Anyhow, next year it’s a plan. Comic Con will be realized, and Kerrie and I are going to surround ourselves with hot Cosplay girls Cosplay(no, I haven’t talked this over with her yet, but she likes what I like), and meet writers, take pictures with cars, check out new movie trailers, and get tickets to ride on Hulk’s shoulders – because they’re like mini continents.

And we’re going to sit back with our space food and watch Yoda, Vader, and Luke kick the shit out of Spider-man because Jedis hate that suit too.


Back to homework.
God, I hate that suit.


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