Pirating Legally

            I walk around the library for fifteen minutes to find the perfect study spot with the perfect study seat, and it just so happens to be the loudest fucking reclining chair in the state. All I want to do is get comfortable, and you would think I was trying to separate the recycling during a mass. Unreal. But now that I’m leaning back and too scared to re-adjust, here’s my question:

  If I’m a studying China in a formal setting, can I pirate things legally?

     The reason I ask is because our instructor makes us print out more paper than the New York Times, and I’m preeeeeettty sure we’re stepping on a few copyright laws in the process. One would think that with the money this school makes and the money that the students are putting into this school (to give this school what it makes), our instructors would have enough leeway to, I don’t know, buy us all our own copies.  I mean, I remember my family paying a pretty penny for my high-school education, and my syllabi came with the books. I didn’t have to pay tuition and go to the school book store; what a dick move that is.

            I can’t write about this now. I’m hungry and have to shift to reach my gummy bears. 



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