Sanderson’s 2013 Online Writing Course – FREE

Write about dragonsGeeks, Nerds, Dragon-N-Fantasy Freaks – if you’re ready and committed to write 1,000 words a week from June through September, if you’re ready to learn from a modern fantasy-writing machine whose popularity exploded when he finished the final three books in Jordan’s Wheel of Time, if you want to get better by writing every day – you’ve been called.

Click HERE to go to the link.

..and register for Brandon Sanderson‘s 2013 Write-About-Dragons online fantasy-writing course. Write a minimum of 1,000 words a week, do flash-fiction challenges/prompts, comment on other writers’ work, and spend the next few months kicking up your skill.

See you there!


5 thoughts on “Sanderson’s 2013 Online Writing Course – FREE

  1. Is this class designed so that everything you are writing is going to all add up to be a novelette? I’m thinking about signing up, but weirdly nervous to commit to a writing class if I have no idea what I’m going to be writing about. I mean, should I have a plot outlined for a novelette before the class starts?

    • MS – Hey sister! As far as I know, yes, for the academic portion of the course, we’re required to write 1,000 words a week. That’s just “class time.” By all means write more and more and more on your own, but only 1,000 of that is required for each week.
      It’s supposed to add up to a sole novelette or novella by the time September rolls around. You don’t have to have anything written up or plotted/outlined at all. They have told is it would be easier for those students who did, but not a requisite. Farmers and Architects, right? As long as the story gets out.

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