Hellions – not optimal

Thus far the morning has consisted of coffee, breakfast, and ~1,400 words.




            Not optimal, of course, but fair. ‘Optimal’ is running through an underground ice canyon with two fully-loaded hand cannons chasing a sizeable pack of plague-infested hellions. ‘Optimal’ is escaping death by leaping off the edge of the world with a solitary chute,  landing in an endless pool of rubies, sapphires, and Red Bull, and finding a glowing vial of Panacea for the world’s woes. ‘Optimal’ is health, wealth, inner peace, and a smile that can cut my head in half.

I’ll get there, but hey, training first, right?

This weekend I’m headed back up to Seattle to marry a couple of dear friends, and hang out with a few more. There will be dogs, too – dogs, games, shopping, and well, whatever the hell else goes along with those things. I may even get a Dr. Who episode or two in.       

Last weekend was Palm Springs, and San Diego. That right; I was on tour. But enough of that – I need another chute to pack, a Red Bull, and a few extra rounds. The hellions are staying up later and later as the year progresses.




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