Brett – book I: TWM

The Warded Man by Peter V. BrettTwo days ago, I finished Peter V. Brett‘s The Warded Man, and thought it was pretty darn good. The story concept is great (I’m actually curious how he came up with that and  long it took him to smooth out), and I thought he did a great job executing it.

The writing is solid, and, from what I’ve heard, it gets better with the next few books, which I’ve already decided to procure.  I believe the 3rd book is already out, but I often need to slow down. One book at a time. At some point, my good friend at Written Permission will send out one of her book reviews of it, and I’m sure she won’t be disappointed.

I don’t want to throw out any spoilers here, but the short and sweet bit of it is, if you’re looking for fairly strong fantasy, I would give The Warded Man a read. Brett writes well, and I think he knows where his strengths are and plays to them. He surely understands that his writing can get stronger and, having only read the first book, I’m sure it does.

Oh, and one of the things I love about the book is that Brett includes elements of sex in his fantasy. So often in fantasy, there’s only focus on the magic or the fighting, but when it comes to any romance in the narrative, it’s sort of ignored. C’mon! You want your readers to live in this world and believe it to be as real as the one they’re living in, right? Sex is just as much a part of life as death is. Taxes, finance, health care – all that shit’s in there, but not sex! I’m not saying it has to be pornographic; just let us know it’s there.

Peter, a solid book. Thanks for keeping me turning the pages.



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