The following is from a session between Dr. Jack Harrison and a female subject placed under his care for a period of two months whose name will remain anonymous. For the duration of their time together, she was given the name Jaime. LAPD has, during this time, been conducting a full search for the youngest of her children (named herein as Joey) and as of date of this release, have not found any further leads. This is the final recording of their session.

DH: Jamie, tell me about the fire.
J: The fire?
DH: Yes.

no response

DH: Do you remember the fire, Jaime?
J: ….rrrrr ….rrrr….rrRobin!?
DH: Jamie?
J: Robin? Where’s Joey? Robin? …..Robin? Where are you?
I’m here, Mommy.

alteration of voice between first and second utterance


J: Where’s Joey, honey?
Joey’s gone?

breathing increases


DH: Jaime? Jaime who are you talking to? Is Joey th-
J: Robin, get back!

breathing speed increased

J:          Mommy, the room – it’s sm..it’s smoky.

J:  (initial moaning sound, sniffles, a sound of fear and sadness come from the throat) Joeeeyy!  NO! Baby! NO!

patient is flexing all visible muscles, completely tense.

DH: Jaime, I need to you tell me what you see? Where are you?
J: (through tears) Nooo, noo noooooo…I’m in aaahhnanana (incomprehensible – patient begins to wail.)

Fingers no longer tense, but grasp each side of the therapy couch

DH: Jaime, are you in the kitchen?
J: (wailing continues, louder)
DH: Jaime. Jaime. Are you in the kitchen? Listen to me. Are you in the kitchen? Yes?

patient nods twice

DH: Jaime, what is happening?
J: NAAHH! My baby!! (coughs hard through screams)

patient wails repeatedly. The words ‘my baby’ voiced with high repetition. 


DH: Jaime, is there a fire? Where is Joey?
J: (breathing and sobs more audible)

patient shakes head mournfully, fists still gripping the couch

J: Gone…she gone gone gone gone (wails)
DH: Jaime, is Robin safe?  Robin, Jaime. Is she safe?
J: (nods)
DH: Jaime, did you kill Joey?

all commotion ceases. Patient visibly relaxes.  No response.

DH: Jaime, did you hear me? Did you k-
J:           Oh, I heard you the first time, Doctor.

another clear alteration of voice, higher pitched, juvenile. Patient smiles. Eyes still closed and soft.

J:           You want to know about me, do you?
DH: Is this Joey?
J:          Ah huh, but I’m not in the house?
DH: You’re not, are you? Well, –
J:         Where am I? (giggles) Where am I? Is that your question?
DH: ..Yes, Jody. Yes, that’s right. That is my question.
J:          I’m out back. I never saw the fire. Wasn’t around for it. Fire started long after she buried us.

arms and hands of patient in full motion as patient speaks

DH: Is that right? Well, where exactly are you?
J:  (no response)
DH: Jody? … Jody, you still there?
J:        Third maple tree back, behind the chicken coop. Mom’s house.
DH: I see. And when did your mom bury you, then?
J:         (giggle) Mom’s with me, Doctor. Dooooctooooor. Doctor, doctor, doctor, doctor, poctor, locktor, mocktor….d-d-d (giggle). That’s a funny word, ‘doctor.’
DH: Yes. Yes, I suppose it is, Joey.
J:         (giggles) Yeah.
DH: Well, if you’re mom’s with you, who buried you then?
J:          The talker you have there. That one.

patient points to herself.

J:         You won’t catch her, though. Poctor. You won’t catch her.
DH: I won’t, won’t I? Well, what makes you say that?
J:         She has a sharp kitchen knife. Moctor doctor. Took it from out kitchen, boctor. Smoky doctor, moctor,.

more frequent juvenile speech


J:         Lights go out first, though. Lights first, moctor. Smoke second.

DH: Jaime? We’re relaxing, remember? Jaime? What are you do- .. Oh god! <>


Dr. Harrison has been reported missing since Feb 24th, 20**. This is the last recording of his voice.


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