Team Stribling – eight years later –

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As of today, my wife, Kerrie, and I have been together for EIGHT years. I’m still not sure how it all happened. I’m shaking my head at it all, really. How in the world have we made it this far?

It’s funny. I just talked with a friend a couple of days ago about how she and her boyfriend broke up after a three-year long-distance relationship. The first question I asked was, “Did it have to do with the distance?” Yeah. In those situations, it seems there’s nothing you can do to get around it. The distance is just there, and there’s nothing to bring you out of the situation but time. She said she felt that with the more time apart, she was just becoming her own independent person – a feeling that she didn’t need or desire the companionship of an exclusive partner. And that’s something that happens.

Doubtless, Kerrie and I have gone through it as well – the whole thing. In fact, I don’t know what category of nonsense  we haven’t gone through. The misunderstandings, the frustration, the time and distance apart, the time difference, the inimical exchanges of words, hurt feelings, absences of voice, of presence. Time carries it all along at both its unspeakably slow pace, and its blurred rush.

There have been times when I’ve said things I wished later never came out of my mouth. The distance has taken us apart, brought us back together, and taken us apart again.…and here she is, still here with me.

Kerrie, there aren’t any words for it, what my heart needs to tell you. There’s just a feeling, an understanding that the stars are watching over me, and have sent one of their own to be along for the ride.

‘Thank you’ just won’t ever be enough. I love … Everything of me loves everything of you.

Happy Anniversary, Pumpkin.


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