A Snippet of Something New

It’s just after THReE o’clock on a Sunday on the March-end of the calendar. Washington’s a beautiful place, and I’m glad to call it home. I just finished a short-story and am throwing out a little snippet here. The story’s short on it’s own (thus the name ‘short story’) and I really don’t want to give anything else away. Here’s the snippet. This is just Draft ONE, but please comment if you’d like to let me know anything.

Happy St. Patty’s!


Carly’s not sure why she thinks of Daddy and the daisies when she’s running with Amanda.  Maybe because of the green fields on the other side of the wood rot fence.
Amanda’s hand is soft and exciting, and Carly wonders if there’s dust from their shoes on the big main road, but she doesn’t want to look back.
“C’mon,” says Amanda when they reach the wood rot fence. “It’s on the other side.”
Amanda goes first. Her blue dress and brown hair go up the fence and she stands at the top, holding a branch of one of the tall alder trees on the other side. She looks at the green on the other side and jumps down to the grass, landing with her white shoes. Mama taught Carly about the alder trees when she was little, saying they were wise trees with secrets, and they all came from dirt. Mama said everything came from dirt and God made us into different things. She said Carly could call them all-dirt trees if she wanted.
Carly followed Amanda over the fence and ran with her across the grass. The day was sunny and it was cooler on this side of the wood rot fence.
“It’s over here.” Amanda ran fast and pulled Carly behind her. Carly tried to run as fast, but she didn’t know where she was going, and she felt okay that Amanda was in front.
The grass got taller and the alders seemed to make friends with different kinds of trees.  Amanda stopped running and let go of Carly’s hand. “It’s  easier to walk with both hands,” she said. The yellow sun dappled the ground and new flowers came out of hiding. Grasshoppers sprung from one blade of tall grass to the next, and Carly followed Amanda’s blue dress across the green field.
“There,” said Amanda. They passed the line where the alders and tall grass stopped, and Carly saw a new green field – open and clear. In the middle, the black stone well called to her.


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