A movie, an opera, and dinner with a girl friend

It’s nine thirty at night and I just finished watching the Dark Knight Rises.  I will NOT be watching that again. What an abhorrent film. The acting, the scenarios … goddammit. Laughable.

Okay, let’s move on to happier things.

So, tomorrow, Kerrie and I are heading over to Seattle to watch the showing of Cinderella at the Seattle Opera. We’re really excited. I don’t think I’ve ever been to an opera. Afterwards we’re heading out to dinner with one of our good friends. So, yes, technically I’ll be at dinner with my wife and my girl friend. It’s only a good thing.

Writing has been going well this week. Almost finished with the first draft and it’s coming along well. As far as reading goes, I’m reading a non-fiction book about a half-Scot, half-Chinook who helped open the doors of Feudal Japan to the rest of the world. It’s all right, but since I’m usually not into non-fiction, I’m not really sure how far I’ll get. Oh, and then there’s the Survivor’s Handbook Guide: Paranormal. Great book.

As I write this, my dad’s getting caught up on Dexter. There’s this huge craze over this show, but I just don’t get into it. Anyway, that’s the update.


4 thoughts on “A movie, an opera, and dinner with a girl friend

  1. Couldn’t agree more with you about The Dark Knight Rises. I was unlucky enough to be invited to the premiere here in Chicago. Abhorrent is exactly right. I wrote it up in my other blog.

  2. WW – Thanks for the comment, my friend. Yeah, I was expecting to be something worth watching considering how blown up it was, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Oh well, live and learn.

  3. Dang… I liked Rises, but then I loved Dark Knight and Batman in general. Dah well, you should definitely check out The Dark Knight Returns (Part 1) animated movie based on the Frank Miller graphic novel …it should rejuvenate any excitement you may have had for seeing ‘ol Bats on the screen.

    Dredd… now that’s a frickin’ awesome comic book adaptation.

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