A Memory of Light – finally.

The link below is to the Sanderson blog, which has a nice lengthy entry on some of his thoughts.

Brandon Sanderson Blog: It’s finally out..


For those of you who have seen lots of this picture (Memory of Light Coverright), and have no idea what the fuck it is, what the fuck it means, or why the fuck you’re reading this, allow me to provide a short run-down for you.

Oh good, you’re still here. Well then, <ahem>. For you WoT folks, you can skip this. For the rest of you, do read on.

Back in 1990, Robert Jordan (nom de plume of fantasy author and Vietnam War veteran James Oliver Rigney, Jr.) wrote a book called The Eye of the World, which in brief, was (in my humble opinion, of course) Titanium-shittingly amazing. It was the first in a series Jordan called The Wheel of Time, or (for the true geeks out there) WoT.

Over the next few (many) years, Jordan’s popularity boomed as he continued developing his fantasy world into something entrancing and continued putting out books which expanded his fantastical and conflict-ridden universe. You can find those books here.

However, although he was gaining a kingdom of popularity and an empire of a following, Jordan, like many famous writers, was becoming ill, and wasn’t sure if his Wheel of Time series (as I understand it, it was originally projected to be 12 books) was going to be finished. Still, he was hopeful. Sadly, however, after completing book 11, Jordan passed away. The fans mourned both a fantastic writer and were stunned that there would be no conclusion to his brilliant tale.

Yet, his wife, Harriet McDougal (once Jordan’s editor), after reading the Mistborn Trilogy and a heartfelt eulogy to Jordan by the young and talented Brandon Sanderson, decided the saga needed to be wrapped up. Sanderson was chosen to patch together Jordan’s notes and complete the series.

Sanderson finished the final three books of the series, including (the image you’ve been seeing all across fantasy corners of the Internet) the final book, A Memory of Light (AMoL). It was just released on January 8th, 2013, and already tearing off shelves across the nation and worldwide. This final book is the close of a circle that almost died along with Jordan. This seals the last of the nearly 12,000 page saga of the Wheel of Time.

With its release, we remember Jordan and send our thanks. To Sanderson our respect and gratitude for bringing Jordan’s dream to fruition. If you’d like to read more, please find the current entry from Sanderson’s blog as well as this one from when he just finished the book.

What an accomplishment.


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