A Dark Voice

ImageNight filled the white space of what day had managed to creep through the kitchen window and Charlotte scrambled through the house. The main hallway blackened with her every step as though a band of night daemons hopped along after her footfalls, teasing her until ready to feed.

“You do know no harm will come to you, Charlotte.” The voice came from every wall and bounced throughout the doorless spaces of her head. “Would I lie?”

She fumbled through the final steps of the hallway, now feeling along the wall for the doorway to her room.

“It isn’t easy, is it, Charlotte?” She leaped from the entrance way to her bed, slamming her bedroom door as she did. Still, even as her form hung in the air above her bed, long a place of comfort, she heard his voice, deep crimson, and inviting. 

“Knowing you’re running from the inescapable.”

She landed on the bed as the light from the world faded. The last sounds that filled her were those of her curtains steadily drawing down, and the door to her room opening. Her fear was fading, and one by one, the daemons hopped upon her, and the voice eased her into a wakeless slumber.


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