U.S. Media, Brainwashing, “The News” – Erasing the Human Ability to Think

The News


Unless I’m required to (for work or school), I don’t watch the news. I don’t read it either. I don’t listen to it, ask others about it, inject it; listen, I don’t absorb news. Why? Because it’s tainted. It’s media-injected fear-laced propaganda that sinks into our brains like liquid on human skin. There’s a design to it – a very deviously strategic design to “the news.”

You ever think about “who” runs the news? Anyone? Yeah, well, that’s actually pretty public information (which I’m almost surprised about – we’re just steps away from information like that being taken out of the public circle). Go ahead and run any general search for something like “owners of news”, and you come up with a nice light set of gems you can hold in one hand.

Five to Seven people run the United States Media, controlling everything you read, watch, and hear with regard to “the news”, and it’s not just with regard to what we “should know” it’s about what THEY want us to “know”. Those of us who blindly believe the shit they just tell us are the perfect children, the most obedient acolytes, and just the docile citizenry they want.  And the ‘news’ isn’t just shown on different stations and at different times. It’s all day long.

The news tells you who to hate, how to be afraid, who the ‘enemy’ is, why you shouldn’t support FILL IN THE BLANK, what to eat,  what pills to take when you’re tummy’s not feeling well after you ate what you were supposed to, and which insurance to buy, just to include a few.


Today apparently some crazy shit went down in Connecticut. Here’s a question – what business is that of ours? I mean aside from the people who were affected with the issue, what concern is that of ours. Some would say, “Well, it makes us think about what’s going on out there in the world, and the safety of our children.” No it doesn’t! It makes you afraid. It makes you afraid of the world and distrustful of people.

The entire nation does NOT have to know about shit like this. Imagery, violence, negativity are highly effective on people’s outlook and perceptions of what reality is.

Why can’t the police just take care of stuff, notify only the people who it affected, and leave it at that? Because, the only shit they want to report on is the disheartening, the painful, the emotionally challenging, the stuff that pisses people off , tears people apart, asks people to destroy themselves. It’s all a game, political subterfuge, and, on a national level, mass crowd control.

My favorite quotation from Albert Einstein is:

“The most important decision you ever have to make is whether you live in a friendly universe or a hostile universe – in a positive universe or a negative universe.”

            That choice is completely up to you, but the more you watch, listen, read the “news” the more you’re allowing them to numb you, to wash you. Yes, I’m telling you that they are brainwashing us, all of us. They’ve been brainwashing us for years – they just don’t call it that. They call it giving you ‘the news’ (Fair and Balanced). ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC – it’s all Big Brother by different names, folks.

Do you realize that when you read the papers about terrorist attacks, you are, indirectly, giving THEM power. You’re giving the media power, you’re giving the political crowd-control background power, you’re giving terrorist groups (if they exist – no I don’t believe they do – and yes, you can call me naïve or ignorant or whatever; it’s a different discussion altogether) power, etc.

People all over the world just want one thing – peace. People just want to relax, chill out with some friends, have some food & drink, laugh, love, and live life. It’s the 1% of power-wielding shitheads out there that just aren’t cool with that. Why?

Because World Peace isn’t profitable.

What IS profitable, however is telling the masses of one nation how they should hate their neighbor nations (or other nations), how they should put money into war and weaponry “just in case”. As long as there’s an enemy, there’s a way to make cash.

People ask, “Well, if I don’t watch the news, I can’t stay informed.” The Internet it the most prodigious knowledge bank human history, and you’re worried about not being informed if you don’t watch “news” from certain ‘respectable sources’. They’re NOT respectable sources. They exist to fuck you – to change you, to rewire you. You have a brain to think for yourself, not to spew forth what someone else tells you to – no matter how much money it’s worth. People today are affixing numbing agent after numbing agent to their own creative spirit by avaricious means. If there’s money involved, and the price is right, they’ll do it.

I’ve digressed.

There are ways to find news out there that carries a more positive (at least objective) slant. If you value being informed by the day, you may want to ask yourself why it is you think that. Why do you need to be informed? Do you need to show that you know stuff. How about go learn all the capitals of Europe or the major rivers of South America. Go learn the Periodic Table of Elements  or the names of all the John Hughes movies. I mean if you just want to know shit, go learn shit. Learn shit that’s relative though, as opposed to feeling pissed off that people were killed by yet another series of bullets in some school. That’s just what they want you to feel – they want you to feel anger – YOU’RE PLAYING RIGHT INTO THEIR HANDS.

Stop reading the news, stop watching their dummy-lined goofy shows with lights, colors and people dressed in suits with nice haircuts. It’s all fake, false, and replete with propaganda – it’s poison and you’re the dummy rat…and they have endless supplies of it.

It’s your mind, it’s the most angelic, magical tool you have. You can do things with it, you would never believe until you witnessed it yourself. At the same time, you can give into their distractions, dumb-down candy, and poison. You can just accept the world they give you.

Protect it. Consider the thoughts you have and ask yourself if they’re your own or if they were handed to you with such frequency and for so long, that you’ve simply accepted them.

Blessings to all my brothers and sisters of Humanity. Blessings, Kindness, and Health.



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