peevedUsing the space for a bit of venting, if you don’t mind. It could be because it’s the end of the semester and there’s a lot going on. It could be because my wife and I got into a little tiff last night over something absurd. It could be because I’m simply finding again how people are just plain fucking rude. Let’s get to the cases.

Example one: I’m in the student center (it’s called Samson, but it’s best if you just know it as the student center – a place where all the students can go to chat, eat, talk, study, whatever) meeting with my group. The girl at the next table spills her water all over the table and the floor. No big deal. I don’t think anything of it and keep talking with my group. The girl cleans up her table, but leaves the floor. She picks up her stuff and is about to walk off and mentions to me, “I hope no one steps in that,” and closes chairs around the table so as to ensure no one steps in the water she spilled. I mentioned she could probably get paper towels out of the ladies restroom (just outside). She says there weren’t any. I walk over to the next building, the library, and bring her back paper towels, and give her half and clean up most of the water for her.

Example two: Class. The teacher brings a bag full of candy and dumps it out proportionately across the two community tables. Everyone takes one or two, still leaving many in the middle for others. This jack-ass at my table reaches out and takes like nine pieces, leaving one in the middle. I ask him to leave them for others. He says no. I say,

“Seriously, dude, what if others want some?”
“Don’t care. They could have grabbed them earlier.”

I nod my head and turn away. Can’t believe it. Then he asks me why I’m being so cranky today. Deep breaths.

Example three:  Signs everywhere on the 2nd floor of the library saying: 2ND FLOOR: SILENT FLOOR – NO TALKING. And what the fuck do people do??! Peeved just doesn’t cut it for me.
Roommates not washing dishes and leaving ironing boards just splayed all about.
Tolerance. I hear it’s a virtue.


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