Friends – a reflection

There’s something to be said about the true nature of friendship. Your friends are there when your parents can’t be. At least that’s what I’ve found to be true. I was thinking just the other day about how many friends I’ve had in my life and how many times they’ve really come though for me. It don’t mean that to say that they’ve all saved me from otherwise precarious situations, but that they’ve been there doing what they’ve needed to do at that particular time. How about an example?
Just this evening I was at the library working on a couple things. My good friend, Deborah, was there doing some of the similar stuff – that is, working on stuff she didn’t want to work on but had to work on to pass the class. It’s the nature of it all, right? An hour or two passed and we talked back and forth, asking each other questions and going over the items due for our class, trying to make some sort of sense out of them.
Then, around 7:30 or so, Deborah whispered to me, “You wanna get some food? It’s free.” It’s so funny which words attract one’s attention as a student. Looking back at that question, you can probably make a guess at which ones those were for me. I’d like to say I didn’t need to be told twice, but it was a whisper, and she was sitting a good ten feet away. Yeah, I needed to be told twice.
We took a short walk down to Maria’s place for another Thanksgiving party. There was stuffing, green beans, deviled eggs, sweet potatoes, and all manner of dessert. There was laughter, vibrance, and good company. I found out only when I got there that the hostess had just gotten engaged as well.
It all started with one friend. One good friend.
It gives me reason to think about all the friends I know, all the friends I have. Thanksgiving was three days ago, and still tonight, I had yet another feast with friends. I’m thankful for my friends – all of them. Every one of them comes through for me right when I need it at precisely the right time. So, school? Work? Life? Not too worried about it. I’m wealthy enough to pay for it.

Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundanceEpicurus



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