words from me to you

Me and my girl bummin’ around

To my darling wife,

This message seems long overdue, but it’s something that has been meant for you, since day one, and every day since.
It has never been enough to just tell you that I love you. I’ve always felt that in as many times that I say it, there’s still something left over, empty space with which I could still give a little bit more. But how? That has long been the tricky bit.

In less than a week you and I will have been together for 7 years and 6 months, and married for two years less than that.

Yet, we’ve only spent a little over two years in the same physical space, maybe something like 27, 28 months (remember when we added up our time spent together?).

I know neither one of us ever meant for us to be apart this long. And, honestly, I don’t believe the majority of people would be up for it.
You need to know that you’re the strongest part of Us; you’re the strongest part of me.

Thank you for loving me through all of this, Kerrie. Thank you for being with me through the ups and downs of this cycle of unknowns – a burden few would willingly choose to bear. Thank you for wanting to know the real me – the puppeteer behind the curtain, the guy who pulls the strings.
I could type it out a thousand times, and send it over a thousand days…and I’m never able to thank you enough.

I write this now apart from you; apart from where I want to be – the place I’ve grown used to, but not happy with. I cannot wait to see you and make another attempt at filling that empty space. And I miss you…incessantly, I miss you.

Humbly grateful,

your husband


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