Big Brother is Watching You

Big Brother is Watching You

Dear &&&&,

Did you see John’s email yesterday about the Big Government statists gearing up to seize control of the Internet through Executive Order?

Some of you may have had trouble accessing our Manifesto due to technical issues on our end – which have now been resolved.

But since the stakes just got higher, I felt I must forward you John’s email.

You see, Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman Joe Lieberman just issued a letter to President Obama urging him to use the “full extent” of his power to seize control of the Internet.

And according to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, President Obama’s Executive Order is “close to completion.”

That’s why – if you haven’t yet done so – it’s vital you sign Campaign for Liberty’s Internet Freedom Manifesto IMMEDIATELY!

And please take a moment to read John’s email – and be sure to sign our Internet Freedom Manifesto right away.

In Liberty,

Teri C


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