Enduring the Absence

So, I should be studying right now. Should be. But, I’ve decided to go against that for the time being. Kerrie’s in town and she has been so wonderful as to just be with me while I put in hours reading this BS and working so as to officially make me feel that I’m not spending enough time with her. It’s completely false, though. We are spending time together.
Granted, I would love to be spending time with her doing nothing but hanging out (window-shopping, going on long walks, traveling, enjoying time with friends, et cetera), but the time is now and we’re doing what we’re choosing to do with it.
Grad School is nice and dandy, and I’ll tell you what, I’m glad it’s only a year. The countdown is in affect and this is the last time we’re doing this. In the past 7 years (oh, today marks us being together for 7.5 years, by the by), correction, 7.5 years, Kerrie and I have spent a total of a bit over two years together. Yes, two years. And, might I add, that only one of those was us living together and enjoying every day together.
There’s no other girl, I’m convinced, that would even dare to endure that. Say what you want at the altar, but when it comes down to it, both guys and girls respectively have a schedule and a plan. “I’ll be with you forever” (irrespective of what it means on the surface) means different things to different people and, in the end, will only take you so far.
What I mean to say is no one would have both been willing to endure being married this long without being with their mate, and been willing to put up with the BEE ESS that I have put her through.
Yes, I would agree; I’m a pretty good guy. That’s what you all see on the outside. But we all know that everyone has at least one mask. We hide things from the outside world that we don’t want it to see. We only allow certain people to see certain sides of us, don’t we?
This could go on for quite some time, but let’s just cut to the chase. Kerrie, you’re unreal. I’m blessed beyond words knowing the love you fill me with, the joy you shower up on me, and the warmth of your smile and spirit. You make my world spin and keep me still and balanced all at the same time.
I love you beyond anything I will ever be able to provide in this human world. You’re the rhythm to which my heart finds its beat. Thank you, Sweet Girl, in the most wondrous form it can mean. Thank you.

I love you.

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