Red Bull and Gummy Bears

ImageFor one, it’s not that bad of a mix. For two, it could be worse. And for three, why do you care what I eat or drink (and don’t answer something like, “You started it. You posted it on your blog.” Whatever. It’s completely fair; I’m at the library and I can have whatever I want. Oh and it’s a rule that you don’t gain weight when you come to Earth in Levi Stribling’s body (unless you choose to, of course).

      The weeks have gone by in a flash and I’ve had a thrilling time here. My English output has been seldom and not during the day or around my, classmates. It wouldn’t be prudent. On Thursday I fly back to Cali and am thrilled about it. It’ll be good times and at least I’ll finally be on the same coast as my wife.

     But for now I get to post my thoughts on this evening’s readings of 紅樓夢 (Hong Lou Meng), or 石頭記 (Shi Tou Ji), or I Dream of Red Mansions. I’ve never read it before; it’s one of the great Chinese Classics. I’m not sure if I will. After 浮生六記 (Fu Sheng Liu Ji), I’m not sure if I’m ready for another book from that age quite yet. But, here I am boring you. More enjoyment to come.


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