Put this one in a while back. Yay for candy poetry!


A week without chocolate,

Not recommended,

Payday’s on Friday,

And I’ve already spent it,


Ice cream and Hershey’s,

A few days away,

I put chocolate-chip cookies,

On layaway,


Ding-dongs and doughnuts,

Are packed in my pockets,

In cupboards and closets,

Are boxes of chocolates,


It’s really quite possible,

I have an obsession,

I snort M&Ms,

It’s my chocolate confession,


Two days to go,

Don’t think I can make it,

I’m having fantasies,

Of chocolate cake – naked


I try to eat healthy,

And not cheat, slip, or fail,

But a milk chocolate bunny,

Has no need for a tail,


Finally, the weekend!



Reaching my goal,

Makes me feel like a tower,

Time to pick up the wrappers,

That I hid in my shower.


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