Low Balls: Grant Dempsey Uncut

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Grant Dempsey’s Balls Hang Low. He said so himself.

Originally I was going to title this post ‘Grant’ Dempsey’s Balls Hang Low,’ but I’m not sure people would be open to clicking on the audio clip. I figured this title would bring about something a bit more…I don’t know, Dempsey.

Sometime in late 2011 Kari hosted a party at her house (which is now quite-possibly demolished). It was a nice place, very ‘Kari-esque’ which was perfect for parties and game nights. We would usually play a small selection of games; the most notable being the electronic version of Catchphrase.

Without getting too far off track, this audio clip capturesĀ  my good friend Grant Dempsey in one of his finer moments – reveling in his glory as Catchphrase victor. Dan Grimes, the loser in this match (not sure who his teammate was – maybe me) makes an attempt at a arguing with Grant, but the winner just has too much wind behind him.

Good times, Grant. Much love, brother.

*In this clip are the voices of: Grant Dempsey, Dan Grimes, Kari Gaustad-(M), and Christian Andry…I think.


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