**Hey Hey – look over here!

No, I’m not writing about boobs (although I wouldn’t mind because they’re amazing..I mean…<NO NO! Snap out of it! Back to topic>>, so if you choose to look away, I understand. The following is simply how flustered I get with all of the distractions there are in the world.

Specifically, I’m talking about distractions from getting done what you want to. What spurred this all on is that was thinking of all the good writers out there (well, even if they’re not all that good according to your standards) just keep putting out novel after novel? That’s maddening to me. Not in a bad way at all; I just think that’s amazing. All I know is that they produce and that’s motivating.
How often are you pleasantly distracted on the Internet? It sucks, right? I mean at least it sucks when I think about it. By the time I look up and see what the hell has happened and how long I’ve been writhing in this web of comfort and mental masturbation, I get kind of pissed off. “Dammit!” I think, “I could have gotten so much done in the last three hours, but instead I’ve spent time on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Reddit, Tumblr, Wikipedia, Twitter, and whatever other bullshit I’ve decided to waste my time with.” I mean, I think many of these web-sites have their respective advantages, but damn man, not four hours’ worth of advantages.
I follow people and events on Twitter and blogs of writers and I have found lots of useful information, which has been great. But there’s a point at which I find myself delightfully succumbing to the Dark Side. “Aah, Nooo!”
And then there’s the iPhone with all of its ‘APPS’. I blame my wife. She’s hooked me on those dreamy word games like ‘Hangin’ with Friends,’ or ‘Words with Friends.’ Last night we decided to play UNO. We played one game on the dining room table and spent the next two hours on our damn phones. Fie! And we wonder why reading in the world has gone to shit. It’s something that (it seems) we need to actually set aside time for. <BZZ> Hang on, that’s my phone.

*And no, no matter how many hits I get on this post, I’m pretty sure it’s not due to the content.


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