Five-Minute Speedy Blog Post

It’s currently 8:55. I have exactly five minutes to just type out as much as I can before I begin writing for the day. Yes, it’s sort of a ‘pre-writing’ writing, but I figured since I haven’t really thrown anything out there on the blog in some time, I would at least try and get a post out. Jesus. I’ve just been doing all kinds of different things and really haven’t put anything on my blog in a bit. Okay, here goes.
Let’s see, oh one good thing that’s happening, actually a couple of good things – really good things, are that Emerald City Con is coming to Seattle in the next few weeks and then there’s going to be another con.  I think it’s called Sakura Con (an anime convention). I’m pretty excited about that. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go, but I am excited. Things here in Olympia, WA have been delightful. The weather has been filled with all kinds of temporal treats.
Tomorrow night I’ll be heading over to a local sports bar called Farrelli’s where I’ll dig into some pizza and get my trivia on.  I will also be happy that my wife is on my team. We watch Jeopardy every night and she blows me out of the water. Anyhow, it looks like my five minutes are up and I’ll be signing off to get another set of writing done today. Have the greatest day and I’ll see you next time. WOOT!


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