As I Step Away

    Moving, the act itself is a humbling one. No one likes it. It is the physical repositioning of all those things that bog us down, a representation in the physical form of yet another transition in our lives. It’s not just the things that we move, but all that goes along with it.
It’s the preparation – all that we must do, the “closing of accounts”, the expunging of the stuff that we’ve unknowingly retained for so long. It’s the trash, the old cards, the receipts, the cans, the bottles, and other forms of sentimental uselessness that must simply go.
It’s the ‘farewells’, the ‘godspeeds’. All those friends we’ve made – the bonding ropes to which we’ve added our own fibrous strands are still there. The strands need not be broken, but dealt with. We must show how we’ve appreciated the time we’ve been able to spend together. We must make assurances of our intentions to remain in contact – to add logs to the fire of friendship that we’ve kindled or strengthened.
It is a process – one to be acknowledged and, as much as we feel disobliged to do so, accepted. Gratitude is so very necessary in these times (these times) as it is in others. It is (as is my conviction) all there for a reason. As we leave this step and move on to the next, we look back and recognize with thanks that at one point, this was the ‘next step’. We’ve learned what we came to learn, whether with clear cognizance or otherwise. We’ve asked for all of it – the lessons, the personalities, the harmony, the conflict, the joy, the pain, and everything in between – with categorical precision, we asked for it all, and we got it. And we continue to get it.

As we would in like manner give thanks for receiving any gift, we do the same here.

To those who have come along to share this path of life with me, I thank you. For the experiences, the food, the laughter, the surprises, and every second that found me seemingly doing nothing at all, I am so very grateful – for I have grown. The lessons, the people, the warmth, the words, the confrontations, the humor, and the emotions I needed were all delivered with a promptness unfathomable by any artificial measure of understanding.

Thank you beyond words.


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