Aeon Flux

When you saw the two words above, did you instantly think, “Oh yeah! I remember that show from way-back-when!”? Charlize Theron also did a movie on the character a few years back, which I enjoyed. Well, if you’ve read thus far and still have no idea what I’m talking about, read on and I’ll try to bring you into the circle. Aeon Flux was a short-lived serial cartoon that was shown on MTV in the early nineties. The setting was a futuristic world in which there was one guy who controlled one of two walled cities. The other city was right next to it and everyone wanted to escape to the second city so they would no longer have to live under the totalitarian rule of this guy – Trevor.

Anyway, the heroine of the series is a beautiful woman (probably in her mid-twenties) who, by any of today’s standards would be malnourished, runs around in almost nothing and contorts her limitlessly flexible body into all kinds of positions as she dodges bullets, jumps from explosions and saves the world every day. Her name is Aeon Flux. Then there’s the story line – she (Aeon) never really picks a side. Sometime she’s on Dave’s side, and other times she’s against Dave. It’s sort of hard to follow, and the plot of each episode is so far out there, it can be straining. But, it’s still great because she wears almost nothing.

Charlize Theron’s version was, again I thought, great. She’s mostly all for thwarting Trevor’s plans and bringing the world to some sort of degree of harmony. The movie wasn’t as imaginatively out in left field as the television show, though. It’s just … out there. But it’s a world that I am enjoying to an extent, so I think drugs in this case are a good thing. If you get a chance, I recommend it. Go to and check out Aeon Flux. I would personally go with a background acquisition (watching the series) before I went the the movie – but that’s me. Happy Fluxing!


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