Writing on Acid

       It’s true. I’m plugged into Lords of Acid as I write this. Yes, it would be much better if I were tripping on acid while listening to Lords of Acid, but hey, you get what you can. Speaking of writing…
      I met with a group of friends last night and we talked about writing over dinner. Yes, a writing group. For those of you who are out of the loop, writing groups are there to help all members become better writers. In every group you have writers who are at different levels in their career (if that’s how you want to say it….and yeah, that’s how I want to say it). Some are much better in certain aspects than others and vice versa. Writing groups can serve different purposes and work on all kinds of different areas of writing. Some are diligent and work assiduously on the submissions of each member, while others probably hardly meet at all. I would say that my current group is somewhere in between those two media. It would be cool if we could meet more often, but not everyone is always around to go to the meetings and well, we don’t want to make it so strict that we delegate what needs to be written each week as though we’re assigning homework.
      Okay, back to the issue – the dinner convo. I submitted a piece of my work and my good friend Fielding helped me out a lot with this particular piece. There were aspects that, as a writer, I never even noticed. He pointed out all kinds of stuff – everything from character voice, to continuity errors, to issues with point of view, and all kinds of other stuff. It was great. The drink bar at the restaurant, eh, it wasn’t the greatest, but it did serve it’s purpose.
      It was a fantastic get-together. We were waiting for another member, but she didn’t make it out. There’s something to be said about the motivation that can be found in a convergence of commonly-oriented minds. The time flies by.


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