Back into the Groove

 Jesus, has it been that long?  Was the last blog I entered here written three months ago?  Wow, it’s not all that often that I use Latin (I’ll give you two guesses why, and two guesses is a lot), but tempus fugit.

Let’s see, what has been happening in my life in the last three months?  Well, I’m still in Japan and loving life.  I’m loving life immensely now because my lovely wife, Kerrie, surprised me a little over a month ago by flying out here from Seattle.  I did not expect it at all, so she’s currently the reigning queen of surprises within the relationship.  That’s okay though.  Because as soon as I come up with a good idea, I’ll be queen again.

So, yes, I’m still in Japan.  Nothing new on that front.  The latest and greatest Harry Potter movie recently came out and, though I haven’t seen it, I hear that it’s fantastic.  In fact, one of my good friends has seen it four times in the theatres (I like the British spelling).  She’s come back with positive reviews each time, and I hope so after seeing it that many times in house. I have not read all of the Harry Potter series, but I am in the middle of it now.  I’m almost done with the fourth book.  I think it’s a great contribution to the YA genre.  It doesn’t grab me as much as it has clearly grabbed the world.  I mean, don’t get me wrong; I like it.  It’s good.  It’s just not tugging on all of my nerves collectively.  Sometimes I feel it tugging harder than others. But I like the series, so I read on.

I talked with my brother last night.  He gave me some other than pleasing news and some great news all in the same conversation.  It’s nothing to really share here, but trust me, it was great.  Oh, yeah, this is weird – I started liking coffee.  Yeah, coffee – that stuff that I have fervently eschewed  since I was like five.  In some strange turn of … well, whatever, I started drinking coffee.  My friend Kyle would flip if I told him that right now.  While he was here he would drink at least one can of coffee a day.  He tried on many occasions to give me a sip, but I wasn’t having it.  If I told him now that I drank four cans on Monday, I’m not sure how well he would take that.

One of my best friends here is having a party tomorrow and journeying to Northern Japan to do it.  Kerrie and I are more than willing to go, of course.  We’ve already prepared the picnic food.  We’re not just driving to a random place up north, either.  We’re going to play with the horses – wild horses. We’ve gone once before and loved it. She’s a horse-lover and has decided that this particular trip has to happen.  She’ll be leaving Japan soon (currently typing with one hand as I hold back sniffles and tears with the other) and simply must be a part of the Asian equestrian environment once more.  It’ll be fun.  We’ll head up, have a party, and come back for a weekend.

Overall, things with me are fantastic.  Kerrie and I are looking forward to actually being together.  We are cherishing our time together now, though.  In fact, in writing this, my wife is in the living room watching Seinfeld alone.  Can’t have that.  I’m off.  You’ll have more information soon.  Well, sooner than another three months.

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