Running with Dragonflies

The skies were blue, and the air was soft and crisp. It was as though Mother Nature herself was beckoning me to go away with her, to be with her, even if just for a moment, to remind me of the home that always stood nearby. I had only wanted to go. My running shoes tied tightly and hugging my heels, I stepped out into the day.
The day was bright and all tension and the illusions of what may not come to pass in my life, the fears, the worries and anxieties had begun to drift from me with every step. I walked to edge of the concrete and hastened to a jog. I could see the green of the world outside, the fields where the secrets were and the fancies of my childhood still grew. The green grass that promised more of the same, hedges, glens, trees, flowers and all the secrets hidden within. The silent secrets untapped by the unconscious man. This was where I directed my path. The verdant hills ahead glowed for me, and the gates, invisible to the others, opened magically, and my feet, my heart, my being was taken happily. My paced quickened, and I entered Her gates, Her home, my home.
A soft and coolness blanked me and my arms opened wide to embrace it all, to let it fill me, as my human life has instructed me to embrace things. Just for a moment, I closed my eyes and let go, my feet navigating the path of Her making. Here I was no longer human. Here I was home, I was both the Creator and the Creation filled with the spectra of hues, tones and colors that the rays of the warming Sun offered me. My eyes opened again to a newfound freshness, a deeper understanding of where I was, of my return to the world of my beginnings. I took a deep breath and let my feet turn me around in circles to witness my surroundings.
I smiled and chuckled. What was overly stimulating to the senses of my human self was the beautiful norm of my spirit. I danced on down the path that had weaved away from the lifelessness of concrete back to the world of sensuous secrecy and the effortless abundance of life and possibilities. Trees with deep colors and inscrutable strength lined each side of the path, the wind playing in their leaves, sometimes with quick rush and other times passing through with a drift and a breeze. I smiled at them. They smiled back. The wind swooped down and hugged me and grabbed me by the hand. “Remember me?” It said. It was a familiarity that I felt inside at this bodiless voice. It seemed to smile as it danced with me around another bend.
The path swerved around, my teal and chartreuse surroundings. The trees were powerful but somber, the lush wild grass guided my shoes onward with their blessings of peace and laughter. Time and space froze, and I ran through silence; I ran with the energy of my world, my true world, and I was refreshed, comforted and calmed.
My feet filled with an energy I seemed to have long forgotten and guided me down a hill into a dale illumined only by the Sun in the Blue above giving light to the field full of poppies that opened to me. They smiled at me in their golden rays of orange and yellow, some blue and purple. I smiled back and the great silence around us comforted us and the greenery of my home ahead of me beckoned me forth, deeper into the fecundity of her playground.
I entered a young wood, trees, both fruit and cone-bearing awakened at my entrance.
“Welcome,” they said.
“Thank you,” I said, “it’s so good to see you.”
The grass and ground on either side of me was fertile, healthy and full of joy and spirit. What was that? My feet carried me in a circle to come back and take another look. A shell of a snail, it seems, bigger than a bread roll.
“Hello there,” I said, “let me take you to a cooler place, amid the shade of the trees. There you’ll be safe, calm and rested.”
“Thank you,” said the snail.
I picked up the shell and held it softly in my cupped hand. I ran ahead, the snail smiling as it snuggled in the comfort of my palm. Under the cool shade of a bush ahead, I gently lowered the snail back to the ground.
“There you are,” I said. The snail smiled, its eyes closed, still comfortable and enjoying the serenity of the brisk peaceful morning.
I let my feet guide me back to the path and among the giddy fruit trees of the wood. A dragonfly buzzed out from a tree enthusiasm filling his being as he flew uncontrollably sending smiles my way. One by one, the dragonflies came out to fly with me.
“Good morning,” I said joyfully, happy to see my new friends.
“Good morning, “ said the dragonflies cheerfully, and they flew and buzzed along as I ran. The sun shone happily upon my person, the trees smiled in mirthful silence and Mother Nature cradled my steps through her wood. The dragonflies hummed along, and in the warmth of the Sun’s light as it hung in the Blue above, we smiled together.
The dragonflies kept me company through the fields of my home. I ran in those moments, through trees that offered blessings, through fields of flowers and plants that laughed almost aloud. I ran through grassy pastures that uplifted me and reminded me of a comfort and a secrecy that is only opened to those that give themselves away and are able to look upon the world with the truest vision of their spirit. I ran and ran, my footsteps leaving vestiges through the secret land of myself. A landscape of solitude, of silence, the only field that secretly has all the answers.
I ran that day, letting go of time and anything that would allow the human in me to keep its grasp. I ran without fear, without boundaries and without looking back. And even up until my footsteps slowed to a saunter, the dragonflies accompanies me. When I had returned, I looked up to watch my friends return to the green of the land that abutted the concrete, the land of my beginnings.
“Goodbye,” I said.
“No such thing,” it seemed they said, “we are always with you. Peace and blessings.” The last of it was left in echo and trailed off into silence.
Before I walked back to the concrete, I could hear Her words, “Your home is here as it has always been, as it will always be. Only in silence will these gates open to you.” I understood. It seems that a part of me always had, a part of me that I had forgotten. So, I returned to my room and turned off the lights. I sat in silence and looked for the dragonflies.

If you remain steadfast in your abstenention of thoughts of harm toward yourself and others, all living creatures will cease to feel enmity in your presence.
– Henry David Thoreau


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