I know that the movie has been out for quite some time (out long enough to go to DVD), but I just didn’t watch it while it was on the big screen. I just watched it this evening and I must say that I enjoyed it. No, I didn’t give it a ’10’ or run around screaming that it was one of the greatest films that I’ve ever seen. If I saw it in theaters, I wouldn’t go back and watch it again. It was good – a strong good. I’ll even go so far as to say that it was a weak ‘great.’
And what was so great about it? The graphics were great, the story was great, the concept was great, the language was fantastic, the girl was great, the birds, the fantasy, the tribe, all of that stuff was just great. Great, great, great.
What I wasn’t into was the war scenes. I just wasn’t into the fact that they marched in there and started tromping all over the native people. Furthermore, there was the fire of revenge that the Marine ignited as well. The Marine seems himself as the warrior and is willing to through his whole new tribal family in the middle of gunfire and bombs for the survival of the people. It was just war, back and forth. I don’t know. I can see where they were going with it – the reason for revenge. I just see way too much of it in movies these days. I’m sure I’ll write about it sooner or later if I haven’t already.
Kerrie and I were talking about it afterwards and I asked her if she thought that the story was cliche. She said that she found the basic outline (the skeleton of the story) to be cliche, but all of the details took the story away from just another bromidic tale. I had heard once from a friend that all stories have already been done, it’s just how they’re done that distinguishes the stories of today from those of yesteryear. I don’t believe this. I don’t believe that we’ve developed our storytelling skills so well as to have extinguished all possible future possibilities. I say that we’re pretty young when it comes to ideas and creation. We’re just one thought away from something different, something novel and unprecedented in the world of the tall tale.
What an incredible world James Cameron created in this film. I feel that with all the work he put into it, he could have extended it, drawn it out and delved deeper for much more of a story. I think that for as much detail and energy he put into developing the world and the language of the Omaticaya Clan, he would have given more of a story, something epic, instead of just going from start to finish in a few hours. That’s just me though.
But hey, I’m thankful to have watched it and I thought it was overall a very good movie. A true recommendation if you haven’t seen it yet. If you’re keen on it, you can also check out some sites online that are dedicated to learning Na’vi. You can get a step up on the language before pressing PLAY on your DVD player. I think you’ll find that James Cameron does a great job, and you may want to live on Pandora for longer than a few hours.


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