Where Silence Has a Voice – 11/29/10

When was the last time, that you recall, you could hear how “loud” the silence was? Perhaps it was a camping trip, a nap against a tree in the woods, or a brief stop on a morning job. It seems that from day to day, all of us in the city are struggling just to find some time to relax. It’s that inner voice that has become restless with all of the fabricated noise that has come to be so commonplace in our daily routine. Can you think of all the sounds that you hear when you roll down your window just to get some air? Not only are the racing tires of your own vehicle kicking up a sonorous bit, but the automobiles that overtake you (that may or may not have their radios at top volume) are also putting out a cacophonous performance. Brake lights up ahead signal traffic and, as you slow to a snail’s pace, a world of new sounds enshrouds you: conversations, yelling, laughter, radios, klaxons and the revving of motorcycle engines. As you enter the construction area, the sounds of jackhammers and construction equipment fill yet another level of your being’s oratory container. An ambulance demands a path be made with its Mars lights and blurting sirens, which, of course, is followed by the police cars blaring theirs as well.
The stimulation is more than what our systems desire or need. It is in instances such as these that the inner voice pleads with us for the closest thing we can find to silence and ease of being.
It is unfortunate, but our desires for material possessions have clouded, for the most part, our true intentions of finding, and being at one with, as we like to call in the West, “good old-fashioned peace and quiet.” We have resolved to put up with this vociferous filth as it is a means to and end (the only end that we can see, anyhow). That end being money. Simple but true. We feel that we can only find peace in material comfort, so we spend a liberal fraction of our human existence amassing enough monetary wealth to get us to where we feel “comfortable.”

As far from our minds as it is, there are places where the quiescence that our souls seek is boundless. We don’t have to journey to the Sahara, the Amazon, the barren lands of Siberia nor Southeast Asia to find it, either. We can find it in the comfort of our homes, offices and, even, if we’re searching hard enough, in traffic (though I wouldn’t recommend that – for safety and legal purposes). It’s all there in our minds, we simply have to choose to recognize it. Meditation (gentle and deep contemplation) is the tool that can take us down this road to quiet fields, limitless pastures, deep blue oceans, pink and orange sunset skies and beyond the stratosphere.

I would encourage you to look into it. Look into meditation and, in the comfort of your daily lives, find those places where silence has a voice.

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