the dive 10/9/2008

Last night I said adieu to my father (George Stribling) and my stepmother (Teresa Stribling). They had spent 12 days in the islands and packed in as much fun as they possibly could. They got some skydiving in, my father ran a triathlon with me, they went to Hilo, Hawaii, did some cliff-diving and saw as many sights and occupied themselves with as many adventures as they could get in. I loved it.
My dad always impresses me. He is a chiropractor in New Mexico and a successful one at that. He has a significant clientele that is loyal to him which is what drives him to do better and stay on top of his game. We went through a lot of food on the trip, and a good portion of it wasn’t good for us, period. However, we were quite active and the entire vacation wasn’t about just seeing things and then noshing to one’s heart’s content (as the bromidic saying would go). We stayed active and remained in good health.
There is something to be said about health and how people view health. During the journey (the vacation, that is), we all had a visit with my grandfather, John Zapotocky. Though he is currently in a retirement home in Hawaii Kai, he is quite active for his age (though he begs to differ). He’s going to be 91 years young in December and he was voted the oldest surfer in Hawaii a couple of years ago. Though he does enjoy sweets now and again, he has lived his life eating raw foods. My father is a student of the same school of thought. You eat living things, you live. You eat dead things, you die. You must stay active. As my grandfather would say, “Movement is living and exercise is medicine.” I’m sure those aren’t his words; he’s probably paraphrased a number of times to get it just right. To me, however, the words are his, and the message is clear.
There are advertisements day in and day out preaching the infallibility of various diets. They are all quick ways to get the fat off. The truth is, the majority of them are nostra (plural of nostrum – I know, I could use nostrums, but I personally prefer the Latin plural) or starvation methods. If one wants to lose weight, gain muscle, get/keep fit, it’s a black and white issue of mindset. There’s no mystery to it. You take care of your body by eating good, clean, wholesome foods and moving your body. That’s it! There’s nothing more to say.
Health is in the mind of the beholder. Some consider themselves alive and, sad but true, some consider themselves dead (they do this by not being in a state of seeing the lack of life in their actions).
The moral of the story? Keep moving and eat well. Plain and simple. Remember to laugh a lot. Life is for having fun. Don’t take it so seriously; spend you’re time enjoying what you have and looking forward to all the fun you’ll have when you wake up the next day. Live like there’s no tomorrow.
Post Script: Dad got 3rd place in the triathlon.


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