Out of Waikiki – 10/10/2008

I just got back from a run with one of my good friends. Kerrie’s parents are in town through Monday and today we’re going on an excursion of sorts to the North Shore. Our final destination is the Polynesian Culture Center. It’s a haven for tourists as well as an informative and somewhat kinesthetic introduction to the peoples, cultures and social systems of the archipelagos that compose what we call Polynesia. Half-day and full-day fares are available; I think we’re only going to be there half-day. The tour includes a luau (well, what the tourists like to believe is a luau, anyway) and an evening show where dancers and fire-eating chieftains congregate and entertain. It’s a good experience, and one that is entertaining.
Last night we went to Tiki’s (a local restaurant with an authentic tropical atmosphere for it’s patrons and mediocre food). Kerrie worked there the entire time that we’ve been here in Hawaii. Both my and Kerrie’s parents came to visit us and we have all been having a great time. We’re happy to have shared this experience and that they have been able to come to Hawaii and spend some time with us. I’m sure today will be as enjoyable as the rest have been.


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