Excuse my French, but d*rmo!

Who knew that being a teacher would require this much freakin’ prep time??

Well, for the first year at least. Kerrie told me it was a lot of work, and there I am saying, “Yeah, yeah, it’s a lot of work; I get it.” But, did I really get it?

Not really. It could be argued that you can’t ever really “get” something until you actually go through it – the whole walking-a-mile-in-another-man’s-shoes, bit. Prep, prep, prep, teach, teach, teach – weekend, but not really.

But – here’s the truth – I’m having a blast!


Kerrie and I are on a whirlwind of an adventure here in the Hamptons, and we’re really enjoying the ride.

The good bit is that I’m finally ready to have some of my own time tonight – time to myself, time to do what I want, and that means game and write…yes, with gummy bears and Kit Kats…and a Red Bull. Because it gives you wings.

NaNoWriMo anyone? Whoever’s game and willing to commit the late nights and the long hours to the month of November, let me know so we can get this show on the road!

Okay – dinner time. Back in a bit, or as the keyboard, “texty” lingo goes, BRB.



2 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Sue Miller says:

    Glad to hear that you’re finding the new role enjoyable and rewarding; that’s so important. Your reflections about teaching are just like having a newborn. No matter what anyone says, you’ll never be prepared for the demands of a new baby. And your time is no longer yours; any time to yourself is extremely valuable. Even moreso for a woman who leaves a career and breastfeeds; it may feel like her body isn’t hers until breastfeeding ceases. Jason said you’re heading to China – wowowowow!!

    • Thanks so much for the comment. Yes, one becomes much more aware of the time and its value when it’s taken from you. But, the glorious part is that we’re having fun, so we’ll keep it there for now. China it is!

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