Time Window

Lamar’s a man rather hell bent on enjoying his own time. Loves it. He doesn’t have to admonish the world about anything. He doesn’t have any complaints. All he wants to do is bask in the glory of his own time window.38419

On the outside, the surface, he is a regular dude. He has a family, a full-time job, a child on the way – the whole shebang. The thoughts which take up root in his mind are the usual ones – work, food, organization, getting gas, what’s this person going to say, what’s that person want, the usual. At the end of the day he comes home, gets a few more work-related tasks in, has dinner, goofs off a bit, and goes to bed. He wakes up the next day, kisses the girl of his dreams, and goes back to work. You get the idea.

Every so often Lamar has time to himself, and this time, no matter how much, like a scattering of droplets on a desert floor, is sacred to him. He realizes that time is the one abstract commodity they don’t make any more of in life, and like an addict, he will do what he can to protect it.

Yet at work Lamar has a good work ethic and shows up on time. He goes to the required meetings and stays until he’s supposed to. Lamar follows the rules and keeps his head down. He stays in the dark, allowing the limelight to swallow those who thirst for it. And when the weekends come Lamar’s time is Lamar’s time.

Then they came to take it away.

“Lamar,” they said. “there’s a bit more we want you to do.”

Lamar was leery, and cocked his head a bit when they spoke.

“No need to be anxious, boy,” they said. “We’ll pay you, of course.”

He listened to their words, their sweet words – words that sounded like candy. Many would fall over for these, he thought. Many probably have. Lamar listened as they sang to him. The words poured from them, candied sugar-coated words.

And the money –

…he shook his head at the money.

Piles and awful piles of smooth, warm, fragrant bills surfaced in the warm water of their words.

But when the days were done and Lamar returned to the quiet comfort of his own thoughts and the girl of his dreams beside him, he had time to listen.

And he heard the Voice – the only true voice of his spirit, the voice of his heart.

And no. This offering was not good for him. Yes, it would gain him place in the World of the Ten Thousand Things, and power. It would gain him fake smiles, superficial status, and false friends. It would satisfy all the qualities deemed praiseworthy of those who live in servitude to the Material Queen Mother. Yet, it would rot his insides, and make fester the essence of his soul. Resentment toward his own holy self would spring forth, and he would know that to some degree, an unacceptable degree, he sold himself into something which has only value in the eyes of other beings. He would know then that he valued others opinions of him more than his opinion of himself.

So Lamar intends to live the life of his own choosing, understanding that it may or may not be wrapped in the green designer paper of the superficial sphere. He chooses, above all else, to value the time the Great Source has granted his life. He chooses to spend this time engaged in what he loves.

He chooses to be happy.

The Language I Live With

Without going into the sparkles and glimmer of the situation, let’s just say there are more than Kerrie and me in our house – quite a few more.

We got home today and Richard popped out of his space to say hello. Some nights he’s chatty; others he’s not. Tonight he was in quite the mood. English isn’t his first language and this is the gem that came up this evening:

R: Kerrie’s a life-saver. She saved my life.

L: I agree. She saves lives.

R: I was gonna knife my couch, and she stopped me.

L: Well, wouldn’t that mean that she saved the couch’s life?

R: Yes, but she saved my life too.

K: You’re so sweet, Richard.

R: You’re a light saber.

Gifts – The Better Way

Gifts – not sure how I feel about them.

There’s a wonderful saying in Mandarin – 施比受有福 (shī bǐ shòu yǒu fú) It is better to give than to receive. Yes, we have that saying in English as well – what do you know? And it’s probably likely that an analogous saying exists in many other countries around the world – it’s better to give than to receive. And when we give of ourselves, we open ourselves, I believe, to our highest spirit. It can be a mark of compassion, selflessness, and love.

Can be.

I say ‘can be’ here because I it is my belief that the United States (and likely most of Humanity, though I cannot say for certain here) has gotten away from the meaning of ‘giving.’ Either that or (perhaps the most-likely of possibilities), the corporations have taken that aspect of our humanness and exploited the heck out of it.

With every holiday that comes around, there is a sign, and advertisement, a company representative, telling us not to forget about: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s, St. Patrick’s Day, Labor Day…and any other FILL-IN-THE-BLANK holiday. There’s a holiday for everything out there, isn’t there.

Go online right now and see how many holidays are in the United States. First look up how many ‘official’ holidays there are, and then look up how many ‘unofficial’ holidays there are. The number, as you will see, is sickening.

Corporations love to tell us not to forget.

Ironically, what it seems we have forgotten is the fact gifts are: a.) not required, and b.) do not have to be material.

Once upon a time, gifts were not so easily procured. One was unable to simply drive down the street, walk into a Wal-Mart and sift through a microcosm of aisles to find the (near) perfect combination of resources that would lift the spirits of a close friend. It used to be that many gifts were made by hand, thereby rendering the maker the necessitous ability to become, to some degree, an artisan of sorts. It would take time, effort, patience, and love.

Yet we’ve become slothful. Lazy. Inert. We have come to a point in our lives in which is so much easier to simply go online, spend a few minutes to see what is out there within the category of our target’s hobbies/interests, pay with a credit card, and be done with it. And we mean those last four words – be done with it.

We really don’t want to spend too terribly much of our free time engaged in this activity in which we’re trying to make someone else happy. We really don’t. We do, however, want to be done with it.

Well, I’d like to offer a suggestion or two regarding gift-giving. I’ll start by telling you that I’m not intending to altar your habits here; some of you love it and will not stop, and others, on the opposite extreme, will never start.

Here are three simple alternatives to purchasing a gift. They each cost much less, and are worth much more.

A Phone Call-

We’ve become a nation that talks without talking. We can blurb/Tweet/Blog (*present company included)/post all day long, but we just don’t want to spend time on the telephone. How fucking prissy and depressing is that? We are losing our humanity one drop at a time…which some are okay with, and others are not. My own feelings on the matter will remain my own. But giving someone a phone call, even if just to talk for five or ten minutes will change that person’s day, even if you don’t get through. It says that you have not only thought about that person, but you have put energy in to thinking about that person – so much so that you wanted to connect to that person and feel again close to them. Phone calls do wonders.

A Letter –

When was the last time you wrote a letter? Not an e-mail – a letter by hand. As a nation, as a people, we just don’t write things down any more. I am a teacher and getting students merely to take notes with a pen and a sheet of paper is almost like asking them to work overtime. That’s if they even have a writing utensil and paper on them.

Try it. Write a letter to the person to wish them a happy birthday, to tell them you’re thinking about them, to wish them well, etc. It means more in the fifteen or twenty minutes it takes to write a letter than the two minutes it takes to write an e-mail. Write a letter, write a poem, write something that shows the person they mean enough to you to do something that takes that much time.


Cooking – the number of people who can do it is staggering. Read that again; I’m not saying take the person out to dinner. I’m saying cook – cook for that person. Prepare a proper meal for that person. You can tell me all day long that you don’t know how (“I don’t know how to cook!” Yeah, maybe. But how do you get better? You do it! You learn. And finally, one day, you are Able). Prepare the full meal. What do they like to have for an appetizer, an entrée, and dessert? How can you make this person’s dinner memorable? Even if you totally screw it up, it’s memorable, and it shows that you were willing to take the time to learn, and to practice, and even to fail, so that this person would be happy.

Gifts do not have to be about money? Life itself is a gift, spend some time with someone you care about and share life with that person.